Robocon Update

Vision of VIE Robocon Club

Our vision is to learn. We use latest technologies to design our robots. We work like a company. We divide our team into two different groups for a specific task.


VIE’s Performace in Robocon:

  1. National Robocon 2017:
    Best Manual Operator Award
  2. Second Runners Up Award
    Rank : 3 rd and 4 th among 120 teams
  • Around 120 colleges from all over India including NITs, IITs, BITS, Nirma University etc. had participated in National Robocon. Around 14 colleges from Gujarat have participated.
    This year, we have participated with two teams- Team A (Boys’ Team) and Team B (Girls’ Team). Boys’ Team achieved 3rdRank and won 2nd Runner Up Award whereasGirls’ Team achieved 4thRank and won the Best Manual Operator Award in National Robocon 2016.
    Also the Girls’ team was the only team in the history of robocon which qualified for semifinal.

2. International Robocon 2016:

Award : Best Design Award

Rank : Fifth among Sixteen Counties

International Robocon 2016 was held at Indoor Stadium Huamark, Bangkok, Thailand on 21st August 2016. Total 17 teams from 16 countries (China, Egypt, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam) from all over Asia had participated in the International event.

We were in the First position in Top 8 counties after Preliminary Round by achieving maximum score 100 (Chai-Yo) in less time in each match. We won the Best Design Award and achieved Fifth Rank among all Asian countries.


3. International Robocon 2016 :


Awards :
Winner of National Robocon
Prof. Balakrishna Memorial Award

1st among 105 teams


Around 105 colleges from all over India including NITs, IITs, BITS,Nirma University etc. had participated in National Robocon 2016.Around 11 colleges from Gujarat have participated. The theme for Robocon 2016 is ‘Chai-Yo : Clean Energy Recharging the World’.Among all, Vadodara Institute of Engineering competed MIT Pune in semifinal and COEP in final and won the National Robocon 2016 and represented India in the International Robocon 2016 held in Bangkok, Thailand.


4. National Robocon 2015:
Rank: All India 20th Rank

5. National Robocon 2014
Rank: All India 75th Rank

6. National Robocon 2013: 
Started to participate


Robocon (short for Robotic Contest) is organised by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), a collection of over 20 countries of Asia Pacific Region. NHK, Japan had already been organizing such contests at national level and also became the host of the first ABU Robocon in 2002. Since then, every year one of the member broadcasters hosts this international event. The broadcasters of each participant country are responsible for conduct of their national contests to select the team which will represent their country in the International Contest. Teams from Engineering and Technological colleges are eligible for participation.

National Contest

Doordarshan, the national public service broadcaster organizes National Robocon Championship event every year in the famous Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi, Pune by a joint collaboration of Doordarshan and Maharashtra Institute of Technology Academy Of Engineering (MITAOE), Alandi, Pune. The winning team gets an opportunity to represent India at the international competition. Every year finals of Robocon India are held on First Saturday of March. The best engineering institutes across the country compete with each other for the honor of representing Indian national team at the International version of the competition. International Contests are held in August every year.
Robocon is an interesting game-cum- intellectual exercise for budding engineers and their enthusiastic instructors, determined to innovate and create machines for producing desired results. Participation in this activity is an end-to-end competitive experience from concept design of a system of robots programmed to perform according to rules of the game played on a high precision technical Contest Area and to score a victory beating the competitors; all this according to a theme declared by the Host Country.

VIE in News Highlight :


1. National Robocon 2017 :

Quarter Final Vadodara Institute of Engineering (VIE) Vs Nirma University:

2. International Robocon 2016

VIE won Best Design Award in International Robocon 2016:

International Robocon 2016, India Vs Nepal:

3. National Robocon 2016

3. National Robocon 2016

Doordarshan Documentary on Vadodara Institute of Engineering (VIE) Robocon Team:

Final Match Vadodara Institute of Engineering (VIE)
Vs COEP Pune:

Semifinal Match Vadodara Institute of Engineering (VIE)Vs MIT Pune:

4. National Robocon 2015

5. National Robocon 2014