About Vadodara Institute of Engineering

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Why to Join VIER?

Studying engineering can lead to exciting career prospects and top salaries across a wide range of industries. Engineers can make a difference to the lives of individuals and society as a whole. Hence, the role of an engineering institute from which you pursue engineering will play a vital role. Following are the reasons why you should join Vadodara Institute of Engineering.

  • It inculcates good habits in the young minds.
  • Stands almost first in Vadodara based GTU affiliated engineering colleges.
  • Discipline and continuous evaluation are the key features.
  • The modern curriculum is taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty in well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and workshops.
  • Provides in-depth practical knowledge through conduction of minimum 14 experiments in each semester.
  • Has placed more than 134 students during campus recruitment drives conducted during 2016-17.
  • Winner of many International / National Awards.
  • National Level Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, STTPs, Expert Talks and Technical Workshop, Project Fair and Industrial Visits are organized regularly.
  • Cultural and Sports activities are organized regularly to ensure overall development of the students.
  • Possesses memberships with professional bodies like ISTE, VCCI, CSI, SWDC, IEEE, IWRS, IGS, Telnet etc.
  • In nutshell, Robotics is our culture, Research is our thirst and Result is our destination.


The Vadodara Institute of Education & Research Trust, is registered under public trust act at Vadodara to promote education and learning by establishing and running
best educational institutions.This trust aims at leading the institution for research and engineering studies pursuing knowledge in both fundamental and applied areas
and collaborating closely with business and industries in promoting technological innovations and economic development.


Shri Shahikantbhai Patel



Shri Jigneshkumar Patel

Managing Trustee


Shri Harendrakumar Patel


About Principal

  • Dr. Jayeshkumar S. Patel obtained his Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from M. S. University of Baroda in 2007. He did his post graduation and graduation in Civil Engineering at Water Resources Engineering and Management Institute, M. S. University of Baroda in 1995 and 1993 respectively.
  • The started his career by working in a research project on   “Irrigation Management Turnover”   at Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Ahmedabad. He published a book on “Irrigation Management Transfer” focusing outcome of said comprehensive research work.
  • He was awarded as Best Teacher Award in 2005 by   Indian Society for Technical Education,   New Delhi on account of his significant contribution towards research, curricular,co-curricular and extra-
    curricular activities at Nirma University, Ahmedabad.Dr.Patel also the recipient of ISTE Calcutta Award 2002 for the best paper presented during the 31st Annual National Convention of ISTE held in Bhubaneswar.
  • He was honored by   Nirma University, Ahmedabad on account of his outstanding research work While working as a Principal Investigator in a research project in the key area of reuse of wastewater.
  • He was invited to deliver an Expert Lecture on “Managing Irrigation Potential–Issues & Challenges” at Wessex Institute of Technology, U.K. in 2005.Dr.Patel was appointed as an expert for developing
    Waste Management Tool by I.I.T., New Delhi in 2001.He presented research papers in conferences organized by I.I.T (Bombay), I.I.T. (Rookie), CBIP (New Delhi), WALMI (Bhopal), GWP (Pune), WIT (Portugal), CWWA (Canada), IIT (Kanpur) and other renowned organizations.
  • Dr. Patel has the credibility of working as an   Environmental Specialist in eight major projects on “Environmental Assessment and Air Monitoring” at Canada.He also successfully performed Health
    and Safety Audit at Calgary, Canada. He developed Quality Control & Quality Assurance Document for Environmental Assessment (Mould) for Alberta in Canada in 2007.


  • The institute’s aim is to be recognized as one of the finest Institution in the country for its quality, commitment and excellence in education. It is also based on threefold vision:

    • The surest destination is the youth.
    • The surest roadmap is the education of social sciences, humanities, management, and technology.
    • The surest input is the spirit of unity and brotherhood.

    These three steps have their powerful logic. While childhood is future, the old age is the past and the youth in the present in any society. You cannot overtake the present. No society can survive with self-esteem without the modernity that is the outcome of different sciences.    You cannot really build a strong India without the inherent unity of every the soul that is Indian.


  • To create the Institute of Excellency for Engineering & Technology.
  • To develop the knowledge of Engineering & Technology for the advancement of quality of life of the mankind in general and in relation
  • To the domain of Engineering & Technological Development & Application.
  • To create Institutes and center of excellence for imparting State of the Art education, training & research in the field of Engineering & Technology.
  • To create capability of development of knowledge skill and competency at various levels.


  • Winner Of National ROBOCON 2016 held at Pune from March 3 to 5,2016. Institute will be representing India At International Robocon 2016 to be held at Thailand, Bangkok in August 2016
  • Winner Of National Level Competition for “Patent Track-2015” Organized by GTU on November 07, 2015
  • Secured 1st Rank in Vadodara in GTU result of B.E Semester-VI Examination-May 2015
  • Electrical Department has secured 1st Rank in Vadodara & 2nd Rank in GTU in result of B.E Semester-VIII Examination-May 2015
  • Elevating Institute to 1st Rank in Vadodara and 2nd Rank in Gujarat in GTU Result of B.E Semester-VIII during the academic year 2012-13
  • Above 200 Industries have conducted Campus Placement Drive During 2014-15 & 2015-16
  • Achieved Integrated Systems Management(ISM) Project Challenge 2015 Award of Rs. 35,000/- Cash by our Computer Engineering student Krutika Thakkar
  • Shortlisted for Top Ten Best Project across state for Shri Devang Mehta IT Award 2015
  • Achieved Championship Trophy in GTU Inter-Zonal Basket Ball Competition for Girls
  • Rated institute at top for best infrastructure for Computer & IT Labs by TCS
  • Winner of i-Explore contest organized by i-create during 8th Mega Industrial Exhibition of VCCI in Feb 2013
  • Best Design Award in Robotics by ABB at Footprints, MSU in Feb 2013
  • 1st Prize in Model, Chart & Poster Making Competition on “Preservation of Environment for Combating Desertification” organized by Ministry of Environment & Climate Change on 7th March 2016
  • Best Design Award in Robotics by ABU at Thailand Bangkok in August 2016.


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An Institute Where Learning is Always Given First Priority.


Vadodara-Halol Toll Road, At. : Kotambi, Ta.: Waghodia Dist. : Vadodara-391 510