Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures

Mechanical Engineering

  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering,5th November,2009
  • Application of CAD software in machine design and industrial drafting, ISTE Student Chapter, 24th October,2013

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Embedded C, under ISTE Student Chapter, on 6th February,2014
  • Data Communication Networking, ISTE Student Chapter, on 11th February,2014
  • Innovation in UDP/IDP Projects, 24th July,2013
  • Overview of Radio Broadcasting, 6th August,2013

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Energy Conservation sponsored by GEDA under ISTE Students Chapter, 12th Febrauary,2013
  • Innovation in IDP/UDP Projects, Under ISTE Student Chapter, 24th July,2013
  • Industrial Instrumentation, under ISTE Student Chapter, 14th September,2013
  • Innovation in UDP/IDP Projects, 24th July,2013

  • Science & Humanities

  • Basics of English Grammar,5th November,2009
  • Geographical Information System & Global Positioning System Applications”, on 9th March,2011

  • Computer Engineering & Information Technology

  • Computer Programming & Utilization, 5th November,2009
  • IDP/UDP, 9th March,2011, under GTU Innovation Council
  • Contents of GeoInformatics, under ISTE Students Chapter, on 5th September,2012
  • Ethical Hacking-HackTrack, by IIT Delhi, under ISTE Student Chapter, 7th-8th March,2013
  • Network Security, Under ISTE Student Chapter, 29th August,2013
  • Content Management System-Jhoomla, under ISTE Student Chapter, 4th February,2013
  • Job Interviews, under ISTE Student Chapter, 12th February,2014
  • Hackathon-Mobile Application, 18th February,2014
  • Linux Operation System,25th February,2014