Vision & Mission


The institute’s aim is to be recognized as one of the finest Institution in the country for its quality, commitment and excellence in education. It is also based on threefold vision:

  • The surest destination is the youth.
  • The surest roadmap is education of social sciences, humanities, management and technology.
  • The surest input is the spirit of unity and brotherhood.


These three steps have their powerful logic. While childhood is future, the old age is the past and the youth is the present in any society. You cannot overtake the present. No society can survive with self-esteem without the modernity that is the outcome of different sciences. You cannot really build a strong India without the inherent unity of every soul that is Indian.

  • To be a leading institute, with significant national & international impact and strong local commitment.
  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the nation as a leading technical institute in India.
  • To commence P.G. Programmes of very high standards in engineering fields so as to encourage and help students to carry out further study in India itself without going abroad for pursuing higher studies, in this way helping our economy.


  • To create the institute of Excellency for Engineering & Technology.
  • To develop the knowledge of Engineering & Technology for the advancement of quality of life of the mankind in general and in relation
  • to the domain of Engineering & Technological Development & Application..
  • To create Institutes and center of excellence for imparting State of the Art education, training & research in the field of Engineering & Technology.
  • To create capability of development of knowledge skill and competency at various levels.